Tooth decay and prevention

Tooth decay

The tooth decay represents a process of destruction of the hard tooth tissues – enamel and dentine. This is caused by a number of factors among which are the bad oral hygiene and the excessive eating of foods which are rich in sugar and acids. This process continues for a long time – months and years but the tooth decay can rarely develop for a short period of time.

The most important symptom of tooth decay is the momentary pain because of sweet, hot or cold foods and drinks but the pain may only appear when the process intensifies and the advanced tooth decay often affects the tooth pulp – pulpitis.

The early tooth decay which looks like a non-transparent white spot can be treated by means of remineralization of the tooth enamel with the help of special pastes for home use. The advanced tooth decay has to be radically treated, as the damaged tooth parts have to be cleaned and the defect has to be filled in with artificial substance – filling (obturation). This is usually made during a single visit to the dentist.


The best way for preventing the tooth decay is the good oral hygiene. It is recommended the teeth to be washed at least two times a day with a paste which shall consists of fluorides which ensure the protection of teeth against the acids in the oral cavity. It is also recommended to be used dental floss and interdental brushes for cleaning the interdental spaces, as well as mouthwash.

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