The prosthetic dental medicine is a dental specialty oriented towards the keeping of the functioning, comfort and aesthetic of dentition in case of lost teeth. Different types of non-removable, removable and combined constructions are made where the same reproduce the natural look of the patient. The dental prosthetics is made in collaboration with the dental laboratory.

The major destructions of the tooth crown can be restored with pinlay, inlay, onlay and overlay, crowns, and tooth stumps.

Crown – the tooth is filed until the formation of a tooth stump. This represents a smaller variant of the shape of the tooth. On the shaped in that way stump it is put a crown which fully covers it. There are different materials for making the tooth crown: metal crown, metal ceramic crown, gold ceramic crown, pressed ceramic crown, and zirconium crown. In modern dental medicine it is very well developed and widely used the CAD/CAM technology for computer scanning and making of a milled by a machine metal ceramic crown, milled by a machine zirconium crown, milled by a machine titanium ceramic crown. Diamond Dent uses the latest model Cam milling machine “Tizian Cut 5.2”, shown at the exhibition in Cologne in 2017. The machine is predicted to be used for fine cutting of any type of material: zirconium, ceramics, metal, etc.

The specially developed software is predicted to give perfect vision, accuracy and aesthetics of the tooth construction.

The human factor and the chance to be made a mistake are reduced to nought. The time for making a crown or a bridge can be reduced from five working days to several hours.

Bridge – when around the missing tooth (teeth) there are other teeth left which can take their burden and function, the same are filed to tooth stumps and a construction is placed which covers the filed and missing teeth. That is the way “the empty space” is eliminated by the teeth which are part of the bridge. In this way the aesthetics and the function of the masticatory apparatus is restored.

The crowns and the bridges are stationarily cemented on the tooth stumps and it is not necessary the same to be removed and put again every day.

Prosthesis – when there are no teeth left which comply with the requirements for placing a bridge or a dental implant, it is necessary to be made prosthesis. The main difference between it and the mentioned above is the fact that most often the prosthesis is movable construction, except in the cases when the same is placed on dental implants. This means that is not permanently fixed in the mouth of the patient and it shall be put, removed and sanitized every day.