The oral surgery helps people to treat surgical diseases of the oral cavity and the connected with them diseases of the maxillofacial area. In our clinic we perform all surgical interventions like:

  • apical osteotomy
  • operations of cysts (cystectomy)
  • extraction of erupted teeth
  • operative removal of retained (unerrupted) and semi-retained teeth
  • correction of the frenulum of the tongue and the lips
  • parodontal surgery
  • implanting of a bone
  • puncture, incision and drainage of an abscess
  • reimplantation of a tooth
  • hemisection of a multi-rooted tooth
  • correction of an alveolar ridge
  • total plastics of the vestibulum or the floor of the oral cavity
  • excision of benignant tumors
  • revealing of a retained tooth with orthodontic purpose
  • open curettage
  • lifting of the floor of the maxillary sinus (sinus lift)
  • closing the communication with the maxillary sinus
  • splinting in injuries in the maxillofacial area

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