The endodontics deals with the treatment of the root canals. We have the newest endomotor of DENTSPLY MAILLEFER – X Smart iQ. This is an endomotor of last generation for treating the root canal which guarantees the high working quality and the excellent treatment.

When is the root treatment necessary?

Most often the root treatment is necessary in the cases of complications connected with tooth decay or when the same is so deep, that the nerve of the tooth is infected. Sometimes the second treatment or retreatment is necessary when after the roentgenography comes clear that there is inflammation process represented by granulation tissue and the patient complains of this tooth.

How it is done?

The patient feels no pain because it is used anaesthetic. Most often the whole endodontic treatment is undergone during a single visit. The canals have to be first widened, as in that way the infected nerve is removed. Thorough lavages are made in order the canal to be disinfected and in the end the same is usually filled in with gutta percha point and sealant. This protects from subsequent infection.

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